A Grey Story

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Fern, the greyhound from Guam

You might remember Fern. In 2009, he came to the U.S. from Guam, and after spending several months in GC's foster program, moved to Northern California where he found a wonderful home. Here is an update from his family:

Hi Everyone! Thought we'd send y'all a short (well, kinda short) update on Fernie, who's doing very well in his forever home. It didn't take long for him to establish a routine, eat, sleep, go for a walk, play with stuffie, eat some more, sleep some more... you get the picture, and he loves to go places. When we head for the truck, he stands at the back and waits for the tailgate to come down, then like a gazelle he hops up in the back, heads for the front and sticks his head through so he can see where we're going - very cute! Nothing like a greyhound dripping down the back of your neck while you're trying to drive.

Every morning promptly at 8:00 AM - he's standing at the sliding door wit his stuffie in his mouth waiting to be let out in the yard. He frisks around for a while, then it's back to the door, "Is it time for breakfast yet?" He's even got laid back ol' Sammy chasin' him around a bit. By the way, Sammy's foot is finally starting to get back to normal. He's hopped around, keeping the right front off the ground for a month after he lost the toenail and it got infected. Good to see him back to walking and running normally. Having Fernie around is good incentive, he's such a playful boy. Fern's latest new game is to play fetch with his stuffie, then bring it back and give us a big fake growl when the tug-o-war starts, as if to say, "I'm the fiercest one ya know!" When he's done playing, he likes to lean on us - his way of saying thanks for a good game.

We've kept him on Holistic Health Chicken with lamb wet food and an Omega-3 capsule mixed in every meal. His coat is getting nice and shiny, and the dandruff is down to a bare minimum. We think the brush routine for he and Sammy is helping a lot too. First, they get back-combed with a rubber tipped hair brush, then a thorough going over with the Furminator, and then a final rub down using only our hands. They both love the treatment and will stand there motionless for the 10-15 minutes it takes to finish. Guess we would too if we had someone to pamper us every day like that! Fernie had his first bath since coming home with us too. We waited for a warm day, then took him out on the lawn and did the deed. He stood with stoicism until we were done with the final toweling, then took off like a shot and harpooned head first into the grass, rolling around like a horse taking a big ol' dust bath - hysterical.

We could go on, but this is supposed to be short, remember? Anyway, we love our boy, and we think Sammy is rather fond of him too. We're blessed to have Fernie as our newest family member. Can't thank all of you enough for having the heart and means to rescue him from those dreadful conditions. He's a happy boy now!!!!

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