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We are a small group of volunteers with limited resources. To help us find forever homes for our greyhounds, please:

  • Submit an application only if you live in San Diego County or nearby Temecula. If you cannot locate a greyhound rescue near where you live, Click here for an international directory of adoption groups or email us and we will help you find one.
  • Time is a precious commodity for all volunteer organizations, so if you have an application in with another group, please complete the process with them before submitting one with us, and vice versa.

Once you submit an application, a placement representative will contact you to set up a home visit.

A home visit will provide you with information pertaining to the care and safety of the greyhound you are looking to foster or adopt.

Knowing a bit about your lifestyle and needs, we will determine compatibility and suitability within approximately 48 hours.

Once you're approved, we will work to locate the greyhound that will best suit your situation and arrange for you to meet the dog.

The adoption fee is $230.00 which covers our cost of spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, de-worming, vaccinations, grooming, as well as a new collar & leash.

If you will be ready for a new family member within four to six weeks, please take the time to carefully READ the following information on welcoming a retired greyhound into your home. This thorough and thoughtful guide was compiled and is generously shared by The Greyhound Gang in Kanab, UT. Thank you, Claudia, for all you do for greyhounds across the country!



Then, to apply, please fill out one of the following:

Online Adoption/Foster application

Download application Our volunteers go to the Post Office every few days. Please be patient for our response. As soon as we get your application, a volunteer will call you.

If you would like to FAX your application, please call us for instructions. 


If you experience any difficulties submitting your application, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our webmistress for assistance.

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